Calvary Ranch Colorado helps families get their loved one living life fully again. Our program really works – read some of these real testimonials.
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Real-Life Experiences

Calvary’s Program Works.I had been a Christian for over 20 years when I volunteered for a combat tour in Afghanistan in 2010. It’s not what I did there, it was the man I became there that haunted me. I became addicted to drugs and alcohol as I tried to recover from combat wounds and PTSD. The army sent me to multiple secular programs but they didn’t work for me. 7 years I lived like this even considering suicide to escape. My wife drove me to Calvary Ranch. I was obedient to the program and the Holy Spirit healed me from my TBI, addictions, PTSD, and suicidal thoughts. I went there a man of violence and hate and returned home a man of peace and joy and have it still today. I can now be the man God intended me to be.

“I went to Calvary Ranch and I learned a lot. I was an enforcer for hire working for a Cartel in Mexico. I used and sold drugs and took houses. I was a bad seed and when I went to Calvary Ranch, God took all that from me. I was baptized on 6-29-18 – I was born again.
 The devil came at me a couple months later and I went back to some of my old ways. I came to Calvary Ranch Colorado and now I’m more into God and will never go back to my old ways, now I want to help others find a way out of that old life. God has blessed me again even more. He has made me stronger. God Bless you all and may God be with you all.” -Carlos

“If you find yourself reading this late at night wondering what to do, just know you are not alone. Eighteen months ago, I found my husband drunk and out of control. He had returned from Afghanistan a different man than the one that had left. His severe PTSD had kicked off his drinking after being clean and sober for 18 years. That night, as I searched online for answers I read, ‘Once you know someone needs to go to rehab, you need to get them there as soon as possible’. That statement propelled me into action. I packed the car that night and called Calvary Ranch. With the help of two special friends, I got him into the car the next morning. Of course he did not want to go and felt I should just give up on him. After 16 hours of driving, I showed up feeling so low I don’t even know how to describe it. The staff prayed for us and the words spoken pierced my heart. The pastor knew what we needed. After 10 days, the staff told me that my husband had taken off his dog tags. It was a miracle. Those dog tags had been an anchor around his neck dragging him back to the war over and over again. My husband was baptized and he came home a man of peace and joy. My children now have a chance to know their wonderful father again.” -Patricia

“Calvary Ranch Colorado saved my life. Love ya, brother Tim, for helping me get my life back.” -Eric