There are many obstacles preventing people from seeking addiction recovery. Here are some common reasons that those struggling with addiction do not seek help and how they can be overcome.

Belief There is Not a Problem

For those who do not think they have a problem or their substance abuse is not bad enough, they often believe they are not in need of addiction recovery. But that can be a dangerous thought process. Many people who suffer from addiction do not realize the severity of their problem until it is too late. And if they wait for their problem to be “bad enough,” they will be waiting too long. The idea of needing to lose control of one’s life to justify seeking treatment is perpetuated by harmful media portrayals of substance abuse. It’s always better to get help as soon as possible.

So how do you help convince your loved one they do have a problem and they need help? A gentle hand is needed. Do not make them feel attacked or cornered. Instead, speak plainly and honestly to help them see the benefits of getting the help they need.

Time Conflict

Addiction recovery can vary in the type of program as well as the length of the program. Some are 14 days, while others can be as long as 90 days. Addiction recovery involves more than not using substances – it means rewiring your brain, learning new ways to cope, and often, teaching life skills. This takes work and time.

For many people with jobs, children, and families, going away for an extended period of time to get help does not seem possible. However, it’s important to remember that while treatment takes time, addiction can take away a person’s life. It is vital to not lose sight of what matters.

The Stigma

While our society is beginning to recognize that addiction is not a personal or moral failing and is a disease, there is still a long way to go. And many avoid going to addiction recovery for fear of the stigma that still surrounds addiction. They may worry if they seek treatment, they will lose their job, their friends and family will become aware of the extent of the problem and view them differently, and relationships will be strained. Despite their worst fears, most family and friends of people going through addiction would prefer their loved one to get better and not suffer in silence.

To help fight off the stigma around addiction so people can get the help they need, there needs to be continuing education on it. That means having open discussions and correcting misinformation when it’s spread verbally or online. If we all work to reduce the stigma, we help more people feel free to seek help for their struggles.

The Cost

The number one common barrier to addiction recovery? Money.

Many believe that seeking the help they need is not in their budget. And the perception is understandable. In the past, recovery programs gained public perception as being expensive. However, this perception is also misguided. There are ways you can get help – even if you’re not in the best financial shape.

At Cavalry Ranch Colorado, we believe that addiction recovery should be accessible to those who need it because everyone deserves the opportunity to reclaim their life. We offer four different programs that can cost tens of thousands less than other programs. For those that need more financial help, we may be able to offer assistance as donations permit. Please reach out and get in contact with us to see how way can assist you.

Unsure Where to Go for Help

When caught up in addiction, knowing where to look for the right place for help can be hard. Those struggling with addiction but want recovery may feel hopeless, apathetic, and unsure if anyone can help them at all. They may not want to do the research as it’s too daunting, or they may not fully understand their options, thus deterring them from seeking proper addiction recovery.

Whether it is you or a loved one that needs help, that is where Calvary Ranch Colorado steps in. We know addiction can happen to anyone, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Our goal is to show you the way to the most successful recovery to lead you to become the man God intended you to be. Our approach truly works, and we’ve helped many get their lives and family back. That is because we do not just help the individual, we help the entire family through fellowship.

Calvary Ranch Colorado is Here for You

Our Rehab Ranch in Montrose, CO, is a simple place with a simple program. Calvary Ranch Colorado is located on a working cattle ranch surrounded by rivers, lakes, trees, and majestic mountain views. Abundant wildlife also shows God’s creation and adds to the tranquility of this place. Check out our What to Expect information to learn more.

If you would like to talk through any of your concerns or questions about how we can help, contact us.