It’s difficult enough to make the decision to get substance abuse treatment, but choosing the right recovery facility can seem even harder. Did you know there are men’s-only addiction recovery facilities to provide men with the care they need to get their life back? There are, and they come with advantages. Here are the advantages you gain from choosing a men’s-only addiction recovery facility.

Why Choose a Men’s-Only Facility?

When it comes to seeking addiction recovery, men and women can benefit greatly from gender-specific facilities. And there are quite a few reasons for this.

Due to stigma and perceived masculine roles in society, many men seek treatment later in life. Men face pressure to present as strong and unemotional even in the instance of suffering. It’s typical of men addicted to drugs or alcohol to downplay their use and consequences. This is also a behavior they may continue in recovery treatment. These expectations from society (and that men can internalize themselves) to remain invulnerable, stoic, self-sufficient, and independent can hinder the process of recovery if unaddressed.

This is why confronting male-specific issues related to drug and alcohol abuse is a task best taken up by an all-male substance abuse treatment facility.

The Advantages

So what can you or your loved one take away from a men’s-only addiction recovery facility? Here are the advantages.

There’s a Focus on Men’s Issues

As we mentioned, there are socialized gender differences in society, even when it comes to substance abuse. Men are taught to deal with stress, illness, and other challenges differently from women. These beliefs of being stoic, strong, and self-sufficient can add to the problem, creating a barrier to treatment.

In a men’s-only recovery facility, the program is specifically tailored to help men overcome these obstacles and embrace healing on all levels. This includes processing information, expressing emotions, and observing the world around them.

Increased Honesty and Safety

When it comes to the recovery journey, it’s important for men to understand that reaching mental and emotional wellness in sobriety means letting down their walls. And that can be scary. In many instances, masculinity is a mask of protection from appearing weak or inadequate.

Exclusively male recovery facilities present the ideal environment for men to open up and address problems head-on. Hearing other men in the group honestly share their own experiences can help let those walls down. It can also foster a sense of safety, allowing the group to really open up about their struggles and seek the assistance they need.

Being Comfortable

Not only does a men’s-only recovery facility help men be honest and feel safe, but it can also help them be more comfortable about sharing. Many men are not completely comfortable opening up about their emotions, especially in the company of women.

Exclusively male recovery facilities set the tone for growth and freedom as men feel comfortable to express their thoughts, emotions, and fears with trusted same-gendered individuals. The more someone is willing to be vulnerable and share what is going on in their head and heart, the more effective the treatment will be.

Able to Build Strong Male Friendships

Suffering from substance addiction can lead to feelings of loneliness. It’s hard to deal with addiction alone. But with a men’s-only recovery facility, you’ll realize you’re not alone.

The opportunity to build authentic relationships with men is one of the greatest benefits of men’s substance abuse treatment. It fosters an open, honest environment that allows men to create deep friendships. These bonds not only help men in recovery but also outside it as they continue to build each other up and support each other’s sobriety long after the program has ended. It’s the truth: finding strength in brotherhood is special and can lead to long-term success in recovering from substance abuse.

Calvary Ranch is Here for You

There are many advantages to a men’s-only addiction recovery facility, but finding one can sometimes be difficult. If you’re looking for a recovery facility for when your loved one is ready, we can help get them their life back.

Our Rehab Ranch in Montrose, CO, is a simple place with a simple program that uses biblical principles and a unique live-in program to help men break the power of addictions. Calvary Ranch Colorado is located on a working cattle ranch surrounded by rivers, lakes, trees, and majestic mountain views. Abundant wildlife also shows God’s creation and adds to the tranquility of this place. Check out our What to Expect information to learn more. If there’s one thing you should take away – it’s that our approach works. Start the journey to healing today!

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